Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rob Lowe Looks Better Than Ever

Rob Lowe graces the cover of the May issue of Vanity Fair. Looking hotter than ever, I might add. The 47-year old actor dishes about his Brat Pack days in the accompanying article.

Look At Barbie Now

Wowza!!!! Click here to see how Barbie has really been letting herself go.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

100 Years Of History

This 2 minute video reminds us of some significant moments in time. Where will the next 100 years lead to.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Made This Mess?

Watch this video and see if you can figure it out.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chuckle Of The Day

This made me smile.

The Clintons In The Eary Years

On this photo alone......... I don't believe he didn't inahale.

El Camino Del Ray

I have posted about this amazing trail before and now here is a more recent one that was filmed in 2010. It is best viewed when watched in full screen.
Recently I watched the movie
127 Hours which is the most amazing and disturbing movie I have seen in a long time. It has lingered with me and enters into my thought content quite frequently.
It was what I thought of while I watched this and now I feel nauseous.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Evolution Of Nicholas Cages Hair

I had never noticed until I watched this but I think he and David Schwimmer are long lost brothers.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tonight We Celebrate Earth Hour

Tonight at 8:30 lights will switch off around the globe for Earth Hour.
Earth Hour has done a lot to raise awareness of sustainability issues.

Last year 128 countries and territories joined the global display of climate action. People across the world from all walks of life turned off their lights and came together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common..... our planet.

Go to to learn more

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bezerk Over A Bill

Just when I thought that was the end of the story, I learned there is more. This lady is nasty.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP: Liz Taylor

This tribute by Paul Newman that was made 3 years ago is revealing of her character and our loss.

George Lopez Is Mean

but he is also funny. I just may have to check more of his opening dialogues out.

He recently gave his opinion on the Dancing with the Stars premiere and let’s just say it wasn’t too kind.

He calls Wendy Williams a man, makes a comment about Kendra and Hugh Hefner‘s prostate, and the best he saved for former Jenny Craig spokeswoman, Kirstie Alley.

Well Known Movie Lines

It's amazing how many of these get used in my husband and my daily conversations with each other

Spider Anatomy

I am deathly afraid of spiders. I absolutely go all fight or flight syndrome when I see one. Just posting this infographic has me checking all my surroundings. Some music to listen to while you think about these deathly creatures. I think I may need some counselling after this post.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thankfully I Am Not A Cat

All I can say is......OUCH!

New Show: The Voice

NBC will be broadcasting the next cheesy TV talent competition. I will be waiting with baited breath as it begins on April 26th. Former MTV personality Carson Daly will take up hosting duties for the series.
Celebrity ‘coaches’ Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and country singer Blake Shelton, will have their backs turned as the contestants take the stage.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Most Quarters In A Belly Button

I think I’m going to start wearing latex gloves when handling money.....ugh!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Worlds Greatest Extra

I am going to start looking for this guy in all the movies that I watch from now on. Kind of like, "Where's Waldo?"

Friday, March 18, 2011

Doodle Away

I Love To Doodle.
When I am in staff meetings or any type of education inservice at work, you will usually catch me doodling. I doodle on my work notes for the day, on coffee cups, on the daily assignment sheet. I doodle on the white boards at work, on napkins, whatever I can find.
It helps my concentration.
It slows my thought processes down and be mindful of the subject matter being discussed.
My doodles usually involve random geometric designs with a few flowers thrown in to pretty it up.

I am not artistic in any way and only use this as a cognitive exercise to facilitate me to focus instead of lulling off or being distracted by my racing thoughts.
Artist David Jablow is another doodler and he has taken a 1950's style magazine model and put different worlds around her using a single template.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jury Duty

Jury Duty is something I hope to partake in and be able to scratch off my bucket list.
I have such ambivalent feelings regarding the legal process. I have first hand witnessed so many flaws therefore am not able to completely and wholeheartedly gel with the process but can not think of a better one.
What I would enjoy is sitting on a case that involves some time of complex crime.
I would enjoy hearing about the background of the crime. I would be interested in knowing the breakdown of the male/female ratio, ages, ethnic/cultural background, education level of each juror, occupation, liberal/conservative, married/ single, parent or not.
It would be interesting to see if this process affected any of the jury members,if the jury members easy to work with,or were there any personality types that were annoying?
Then there are the lawyers......were they sharp and skilled? Which represented their slant on the case most well....the crown or the defense? Would I want either of them to represent myself or a loved one? Was the judge an active member in the process or more laid back? Was he hypervigilent during the lawyers tribunals or was he more laid back and let it ride out without to many interruptions or cautions?
I really love studying and learning from the dynamics of how people interact and work together for a a common goal. I will continue to check my mail daily in hopes that I get selected and can scratch another item off my bucket list.

Song Of The Day: Galway Girl By Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle

Happy St. Patricks Day! This song tells the semi-autobiographical story of the singer's reaction to the beauty of a girl he meets in Galway, Ireland.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crazy Ass Bike Race

The South American racers are whacked.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Death Of A DIsney Worker

A Disney World worker who was injured yesterday while repairing the Primeval Whirl ride inside Animal Kingdom died early today, reports the Orlando Sentinel.
Russell Sherry Roscoe, 52, suffered massive head injuries and was airlifted to a local hospital where he died early this morning.

Nurses Have Bad Days When We Are Short Staffed

Poor staffing decisions result in compromise.
Compromise results in a limited ability to closely monitor and care for patients, it leads to dangerous possibilities.
As nurses begin to feel overburdoned they have to put their emotions on hold while tending to the needs of others.
Nurses try to do the best they can, and often it never is enough.
It is during these staffing shortages that I have seen nurses become beaten down, frustrated and cry.

Empathy too, makes nurses cry and empathy makes nurses care and take such good care of all patients. Empathy also makes you care that you can NOT take as good care of the patient & their families as you want. You can’t care & take care without suffering yourself.
In the end......
nurses do care and patients want and need to feel cared about when they are ill. It is the “theraputic use of self” that makes us feel depleted.
It is important to refill our emptied cups by loving and being loved, by taking care of ourselves, by getting involved on a higher level with policy making that adress these staffing issues.

Japan: Before & After

ABC news has created some amazing interactive before and after pictures from Japan.

Just move your mouse over
the pictures and slide to see before and after the tsunami.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Truth Behind The Presidents Motorcade

The summer of 09' Garth and I were fortunate enough to be in New York City at the same time as President Obama and we were even more lucky to have hooked up with a knowledgeable tour guide that let us off in front of his hotel right before he arrived with himself and his motorcade.

You know I couldn't help but wonder what is up with all those extra SUVs that are in the Presidential or VIP motorcades. You know, the ones with severely tinted windows. The SUV’s that no one gets in or out.

Well I don't have to wonder anymore. They have a 6 barreled 7.62 mm mini gun. They fire over 4,000 rounds per minute The wipers need to be run to remove spent casings when the weapon is firing.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dire Straits: Moeny For Nothing

You can edit it CBSC but I'll still love this song.

Funny Amstel Commercial

I think I dated a few of those men.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Productivity In The WorkPlace

If you’re like many people, sitting in a chair at your office for 8 hours is your typical day. There’s the mandatory breaks and lunch, but holding focus for 3 to 4 hours at a time is a struggle.

Online MBA, has gathered up the statistics to show us about our work time and how much of your day is spent being lazy and useless.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cement Throwing

Check ot the South African art of cement throwing.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Harshness Of Addictions

Check out these disturbing before and after photos of drug users’ faces. They are being used as a new anti-drug campaign, grabbing teens’ attentions by appealing to their vanity.

The pairs of mug shots, which graphically display the damage drugs can do to the face, were collected by the sheriff’s office in Multnomah County, Ore.

Faces that were normal in initial photos, shot when addicts were first arrested, metamorphose over years, and sometimes just months, into gaunt, pitted, even toothless wrecks.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Smash Book

This has my name all over it. I want one in every colour. This product comes out on the market in April. I could fill about 20 with all the little tidbits & gems that I have stored in hatboxes, trinket boxes and junk drawers.

He Needs To Be Certified

Charlie is a train wreck.....I can't look away.

Video streaming by Ustream

Monday, March 07, 2011

Jen Aniston & Smart Water

Jennifer Aniston uses the idea of viral videos in a new Smartwater ad.

Bridget Jones Part 3

When I first heard that there was a new Bridget Jones movie that is now in the works I was a little worried they might wreck a good thing. I absolutely loved those movies. However I have since learned that producers promised star Renée Zellweger that she will not have to pack on the pounds to play our favorite spinster.
Also, Newly crowned Oscar winner Colin Firth is coming back as Mark Darcy, and Hugh Grant will be reprising his role as douchebag Daniel Cleaver.

Common Misconceptions - Part 4

Source: Wikipedia

Here are some fallacious ideas and beliefs which are documented and believed by many as tried and true facts.

1.) It is not harmful to baby birds to pick them up and return them to their nests, despite the common belief that doing so will cause the mother to reject them.

2.) Bulls are not enraged by the color red, used in capes by professional matadors. It is not the color of the cape that angers the bull, but rather the movement of the fabric that irritates the bull and incites it to charge.

3.) Different tastes can be detected on all parts of the tongue by taste buds, with slightly increased sensitivities in different locations depending on the person, contrary to the popular belief that specific tastes only correspond to specific mapped sites on the tongue. In addition, there are not 4 but 5 primary tastes. In addition to bitter, sour, salty, and sweet, humans have taste receptors for umami, which is a savory or meaty taste.

4.) Hair and fingernails do not continue to grow after a person dies. Rather, the skin dries and shrinks away from the bases of hairs and nails, giving the appearance of growth

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Common Misconceptions - Part 3

Source: Wikipedia

Here are some fallacious ideas and beliefs which are documented and believed by many as tried and true facts.

1.) It is commonly claimed that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made object visible from the Moon. This is false. None of the Apollo astronauts reported seeing any specific man-made object from the Moon, and even earth-orbiting astronauts can barely see it, but city lights are easily visible on the night side of Earth from orbit. The misconception is believed to have been popularized by Richard Halliburton decades before the first moon landing.

2.) The notion that goldfish have a memory of only three seconds is false,

3.) Bats are not blind. While most bat species do use echolocation to augment their vision, all bat species have eyes and are capable of sight.

4.) Poinsettias are not highly toxic. While it is true that they are mildly irritating to the skin or stomach and may sometimes cause diarrhea and vomiting if eaten, an American Journal of Emergency Medicine study of 22,793 cases reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers showed no fatalities, and furthermore that a strong majority of poinsettia exposures are accidental, involve children, and usually do not result in any type of medical treatment.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Common Misconceptions - Part 2

Source: Wikipedia

Here are some fallacious ideas and beliefs which are documented and believed by many as tried and true facts.

1.) Napoleon I (Napoleon Bonaparte) was not particularly short and did not have a Napoleon complex. After his death in 1821, the French emperor’s height was recorded as 5 feet 2 inches in French feet. This corresponds to 5 feet 6.5 inches in modern international feet. There are competing explanations for why he was nicknamed le Petit Caporal (The Little Corporal) but few modern scholars believe it referred to his physical stature. Another explanation is that Napoleon was often seen with his Imperial Guard, which contributed to the perception of him being short because the Imperial Guards were above average height.

2.) Searing meat does not "seal in" moisture, and in fact may actually cause meat to lose moisture. Generally, the value in searing meat is that it creates a brown crust with a rich flavor.

3.) Mussels that do not open when cooked may still be fully cooked and safe to eat.

4.) Swallowed chewing gum does not take seven years to digest. In fact, chewing gum is mostly indigestible, but passes through the digestive system at the same rate as other matter.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Common Misconceptions - Part 1

Source: Wikipedia

Here are some fallacious ideas and beliefs which are documented and believed by many as tried and true facts.

1.) There is no evidence that Vikings wore horns on their helmets

2.) Contrary to the popular image of the Pilgrim Fathers, the early settlers of the Plymouth Colony in present-day Plymouth, Massachusetts did not dress in black, wear buckles, or wear black steeple hats. According to Plimoth Plantation historian James W. Baker, this image was formed in the 19th century when buckles were a kind of emblem of quaintness.
This is also the reason illustrators gave Santa Claus buckles.

3.) George Washington did not have wooden teeth. According to a study of Washington's four known dentures by a forensic anthropologist from the University of Pittsburgh (in collaboration with the National Museum of Dentistry, itself associated with the Smithsonian Museum), the dentures were made of gold, hippopotamus ivory, lead, and human and animal teeth (including horse and donkey teeth).

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Alley

Today, she is 11.
I always wanted daughters.
Of course, I would tell everyone that I didn't care if I had a boy or a girl but I knew, deep down, that I hoped for a girl.
She was my dream come true.
She has grown into such a great girl. I feel incredibly blessed to have her as a daughter. She obeys, has a strong moral conscience, is eager to please and does not want to disappoint. She has more confidence and maturity at eleven than I think I had a eighteen. She asks great, hard, deep questions. She's musically talented and just lights up when she's around music.

She expresses herself well through drawing and writing. She makes good friends and good choices. She's smart. Beautiful, inside and out. Very funny and fun to spend time with.

She is my daughter.
I love her and I am thankful to her and thankful that I have been able to be her mother.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Songs That Shape Me

I love how when I hear a song that I have not heard in years I am suddenly transported back to my early teens. Every now & then it makes me realize what I didn't know life will be forever changed by that song.

“Music, you know, true music, not just rock ‘n’ roll, it chooses you. It lives in your car, or alone, listening to your headphones .... you know, with the vast, scenic bridges and angelic choirs in your brain. It is a place apart from the vast, benign lap of America.” Lester Bangs in Almost Famous

1.)Sweet Caroline.....Neil Diamond

2.)Follow You, Follow Me......Genesis

3.) Rappers Delight.......Sugar hill Gang

4.) The Logical Song.....Supertramp

5.) Heartache Tonight.....The Eagles

6.) Le Freak......Chic

7.) Don't Stop......Fleetwood Mac

8.) Three Little Birds......Bob Marley

9.) Do They Know It's Christmas.....Band Aid

These are not necessarily my favorite songs but they certainly can transport me to a different time and place.