Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Week I.....

Attended a 3 day Health Assessment Course similar to these ones.

Took my girls to A&W for dinner and had another allergic reaction to the upper lip began to swell and I looked like I had just overdosed on Botox injections, my palms and ears became very itchy. Allergy testing does not reveal any food allergies but symptoms are only alleviated with Benedryl. I am unsure if this is allergies or some type of vasovagal response. All I know for sure is that I I am a systemic nightmare.....Ugh!!!

Welcomed my husband home after a 6 week stay at Toronto Western Hospital at their back clinic.

Hosted my daughters 10th Birthday Party.....Pajamas, Home Pizza Making, Crafts, Dancing and Movies.

Baked an awesome carrot cake with cream cheese icing and raisins......Alleys favorite

Watched some more of Season 5 Nip/Tuck........Twisted and disturbing in a good way.

Had a drop in visit from Kelly during her lunch break.

Watched Cujo with the kids.

Errand, errands and more errands.

Song Of The Day: In These Arms By The Swell Season

Such a romantic song.

Guess Who?

She appeared in the 2000 Kevyn Aucoin book Face Forward in which he made her up to look like 40s movie star Veronica Lake.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Song Of The Day: Tik Tok (by Kesha) Covered By Example

My daughters love this song by Kesha but I much prefer this version.

Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly owners Hasbro will be launching a circular version of the board game to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its creation the company has announced at this year’s Toy Fair.

The game known as
Monopoly Revolution, which stays the same when it comes to gameplay, will involve players moving around the board as if it were a roundabout rather than the traditional square set we’ve all come to know and love.

Not to be out done by the latest video games, however, the Monopoly board will do away with cash and the chance to raid the bank when no-one is looking. Players instead will be issued with a chip and pin credit card and a central console that plays banker.

Expect the new version to be in the shops later this year.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Song Of The Day: Shine By Laura Izibor

Laura Izibor is a half Nigerian /Irish recording artist who has opened for Aretha Franklin, India.Arie, Estelle, Maxwell and John Legend on tour. She began writing songs at age 13 and taught herself how to play the piano at 14.

Song Of The Day: Hustle By Tunng

This group from the UK are often noted for their use of strange instruments,including sea shells.

Oscar The Psychic Cat

A cat called Oscar is an omen of impending doom who has predicted the deaths of dozens of patients at a nursing home, according to a doctor who works there.

Rules To Live By

Sometimes in life there are rules that cannot be broken.
These are some of the philosophies of life or rules that I subscribe to and am unable to break, even if I wanted to.

1.) There is always room for dessert.

2.) Spontaneously breaking into song and dance daily will lengthen your lifespan.

3.) Children should never go to sleep without a kiss on the cheek.

4.) Green Tea is to be consumed daily.

5.) All hangers in the closets must face the same way.

6.) Always have a secret stash of sweets available.

7.) Always find some time in the day to spend some alone time.

8.) Bacon is NOT better crispy.

9.) Always make more money than you cost.

10.)I may not need a ton of sleep, but I am in dire need of men
tal rest sometimes.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Song Of The Day: Star Bucks Girl By Evan Taubenfeld

Evan David Taubenfeld is an American singer/songwriter, best known for being Avril Lavigne's lead guitarist and best friend. This song is featured on his debut album, Welcome to the Blacklist Club.........All I can say is....... Holy Cheesy!!!

Guilty Pleasures

1.) Reading gossip sites

2.) Playing Facebook games like Mental Blocks, Mafia Wars, and Scramble and Bejewelled

3.) Sleeping in on non work days

4.) Coffee

5.) Excessive browsing over the internet

6.) Marathon of movies or PVR programming

7.) Spending my day off blog-surfing and watching Food Network instead of doing housework.

8.) Long hot showers

9.) Lip gloss

10.) Baked Goods

11.) PJ’s on my day off

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Song Of The Day: I Love Your Smile By Charlie Winston

I Love Your Smile is a soulful, uplifting piano-led tale that, in Charlie's own words, is about "seeing how wonderful life is and sharing that feeling, simply with a smile". The video features French actress Audrey Tautou, famed for her critically-acclaimed performances in the likes of Amelie, Coco Before Chanel and The Da Vinci Code.

Anne Hathaway Does GQ Cover

Who knew that Anne Hathaway could be so hot? What a sexy cover!

Shower Notepads Were Made For Me

I’m always thinking of brilliant things in the shower. This item lets you capture your ideas as you have them in the shower. The pencil is water resistant and the paper is so durable you can use it underwater (in case you're more of a bath person).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Song Of The Day: Teenage Dirtbag By Wheatus

For the radio version, from the sentence "He brings a gun to school" the word "gun" was removed due to the Columbine High School massacre one year previously. (YouTube video 1:16)

I Know What I Will Be Doing On May 25

When we last checked in with Sookie Stackhouse on HBO, the mystery surrounding a Bon Temps serial killer had finally been solved, to the town’s infinite relief.
Sookie is thrilled that her vampire soulmate, Bill Compton, has escaped with his life (or is it death?) after coming to her daylight defense.
On other fronts, Sookie’s pal Tara Thornton sets down new roots with an affluent benefactor, Maryann Forrester; Sam Merlotte resolves to get in shape-shift shape after a forest foray; roguish brother Jason finds new purpose with an anti-vampire sect; and detective Andy Bellefleur licks his wounds after being proven wrong about Jason’s guilt.
But just as things are settling down, some deadly new twists threaten to ratchet up the saga of Sookie Stackhouse to bloody new heights!
The Season Two True Blood DVD and Blu-Ray is due in stores on May 25th, 2010.

Age 1 To 100

I love the 91 year old lady.

People In Order: 1. Age from James Price on Vimeo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Song Of The Day: The Beautiful Ones By Prince

I love this haunting melody of emotional longing and unrequited love.

Check Out Your Old Haunts

My Dad sent me another fun link. When you enter an address you will see a picture of that place. There's a little map with a little man on it..... you can move the little man up and down the block if you need to.

It doesn't show the numbers on the houses/buildings that are in the picture so you can't find a specific house (unless you know what it looks like), only the street and what the houses are like in the area but it is amazing to think that a lot of cities and towns across North America are here and more are being added all the time.

Dad if you read this can you send me our house address for where we lived in Brampton, Oakville, Sarnia and Dunnville.

I looked up our home in Kingston. It hasn't changed much.

Saw our homes in Brantford and Bowmanville.

I am going to look up Fort McMurray next. I tried typing in El Tucan for Maracaibo and I needed the specific street or calle. Do you remember what is was?

Wouldn't mind looking at the Hotel Kristoff......Do you remember what street that was on. I think it may work for your homes in Cebu and Alexandria as well.

Email me some addresses.......I'm having fun.

Also what is the farm address in St. Catherines?


For those of you that have been to Vancouver this will make you feel like you have gone back to visit.
For those of you that have never had the pleasure of being in Vancouver, this will make you want to go some day.
It starts in black & white and then the colour appears.
You can move around in the picture by using your keyboard arrow keys, mouse wheel to
zoom in, etc

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Week I.......

Worked out at the gym x 3

Jogged 9 km

Worked 4 twelve hour nightshifts

Took my daughters out for dinner

Watched endless amounts of Olympic coverage while wearing my Olympic mitts

Went birthday present shopping for Alleys upcoming big day

Did a major overhaul and cleaning job on Brookes bedroom

Housework, housework and more housework

Text To Speech Is Hours Of Fun

You type & she speaks. Try it and see that the possibilities are endless.
Turn up the volume.
The avatar will say anything you type. When you move the mouse around, her eyes follow the pointer. When you write something in the left space and then click on 'Say it,' she says it!
You can also change persons doing the talking and the language they speak.

Hours of amusemet to those of you that have a child like mind like me.

The Mystries Of Lost Explained

Sheila sent me this amusing video of several NEWSWEEK staff members, who have never before seen an episode of the hit ABC drama, watch clips from the show and attempt to explain the mysteries and plot twists that occur.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Song Of The Day: Shine On By Eric Bibb

I like this upbeat celebration of life.

Dinner For A Dog

Thanks Dad for sending another very creative and fun video.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Online Workouts

I just tried the Tracey Anderson (trainer to Madonna & Gwyneth Paltrow) arms are burning.

15-Minute Abs Workout

Butt Blasting Workout

Stability Ball Workout

15-Minute Desk Workout

Song Of The Day: Everybody By Ingrid Michaelson

Insightful lyrics.

Nostalgic Trash

A ongoing habit of mine is to throw things away.
We always max out the garbage bags and the 2 recycling containers are always overflowing by collection day.
However there are some things I struggle with tossing.
Many a time, I began the task of tackling our storage closet, that space in our home serves as a vestibule for our children's paperwork and other life items we have no other place for or that Garth refuses to toss out (Original Star Wars Memorabilia and assorted toys from his boyhood).
Opening the Storage closet is like unleashing a challenge deep within me.
In that closet lingers some great treasures..... newspaper clippings and photos my children have been featured in and some other assorted mementos of their childhoods, several packets of letters written to me over the years, Wedding and birth announcements (some not necessarily in that order) and letters from my parents sent to me while I was away at RKY camp or while they were living in the Philippines and Egypt.
There are notes that Garth gave me while we were dating, and the ticket stub for the first movie we saw together (Interview With A Vampire) and letter after letter after countless letter. Our relationship dates back to the days before the Internet, my friends.
OK, that's not entirely true........there was the Internet, but it was big and bulky.
I have boxes and boxes filled with letters and notes from high school friends that were collected during my school days. They speak of weekend plans, where we will be hanging out after school and boyfriends.
I've tried before to toss these letters. Those notes that are flimsy and thin and bent along the edges because I often carried them for weeks .... sometimes months.... in my bag or tucked away in the pages of a book.
Here's a tip.
If you have even the slightest hint of PMS, if you know you can't watch a 'Hallmark Presents' television movie because the commercials will slay you, if just the thought of puppies and kitties makes you weak DO NOT read old letters!
But if you do, come prepared. No half-assed box of tissue will likely do.
So, by now you're perhaps wondering if, after reading these letters, after having moments of nostalgia, if I finally tossed these old letters away.
The answer is no.
As much as I love throwing things away, there's something about this bit of trash or treasure, depending on how one wants to look at it, that I can't seem to bring myself to cart up to the recycling bin. Maybe one day.
Or perhaps not.
Silly, perhaps, but at my core, I'm a bit of a silly girl.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Song Of The Day: Bang Bang By Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona is from Toronto, Ontario. She participated in "We Are the World 25 for Haiti" to benefit Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. She is set to go on tour with Alicia Keys.

My Life List 2010

I quite like the idea of having a Life List. There is something to be said for the relative accountability of putting something in writing, and it sounds more pleasant than "Bucket list." So without further ado, I present to you this years version of my life list...

Safari in Africa
See the pyramids at sunset
Take a road trip through British Columbia and along the Calinfornia Coast.
Drink a few pints at a pub in Ireland
Be able to converse in at least one alternate language
Swim with Dolphins
Revisit San Francisco with my husband
Volunteer regularly
Learn how to play the guitar
Ride in a helicopter
Drive a boat
Take a long train trip (several days)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Song Of The Day: Where I Stood By Missy Higgins

What a mesmerizing song about a relationship that has run its course.

Mysteries Of Life

In life more often than not, mysteries stay mysteries.
You have to make peace with not knowing.
However if I could have any mystery unveiled for me.... some of the things I would want to know are:

Why do fingerprints seem to only show up on the window right after you have JUST cleaned them?

Why does my husband insist on keeping a pile of clothes, and belts on the floor next to the bed?

Where DO the missing socks go?

Why is Depression so rampant in North America today?

How come I can never get my hair to look as great as it does when I step fresh out of the hairdressers?

Why when I'm in a rush, am I always in the line moving at a snail's pace?

Who was the song "You're so Vain" written for?

I would love to know with certainty what happens when we die.

What really happened to JonBenet Ramsey? Amelia Earheart? Jimmy Hoffa? Marilyn Monroe?

How does my daughters room get to look like a tornado tore through it within a matter of a day after we spend hours cleaning and organizing?!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Song Of The Day: Sail On Sailer By The Beach Boys

This song is featured in Martin Scorsese's Academy Award-winning film "The Departed."


Goodbyes are difficult for me.
In my head goodbyes take on a different meaning than "see you tomorrow" or simply "later."
If "goodbye" is said it usually means that someone is leaving, whether it is for a short time or a long time.
I generally want the people I care about close to me where we can share, converse, laugh, hug, comfort and support on a frequent basis.

E-mails and relatively cheap long distance rates make it easier not to live in the same city and I don't want to hold them back from going and experiencing and sharing all the good times through pictures and words....... still the goodbyes are hard.
You would think that the older I get and the more experience I have with goodbyes that they would get easier as time passes, but they don't.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Week I......

Worked 1 twelve hour dayshift
Worked 1 eight hour dayshift

Began mentoring a new grad at work

Spent one day of complete bliss with the house to myself.......this happens rarely

Took my daughter to the orthodontist

Took my girls out for dinner

Worked out at the gym 1

Jogged 3 km

Was visited by friends for tea and chat twice this week

Went for a checkup with my GP

Dropped in on a dear friend for coffee and conversation

Watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics

Watched alot of the Olympic coverage on TV

Watched District 9

Spent all day Saturday being a taxi driver for my daughters to and from their various social engagements

Made French Onion Soup from scratch and it rocked.

Canadas First Medal

Jennifer Heils Silver Medal Run........We've only just begun.

Song Of The Day: Stay Here Forever By Jewel

This will be the lead single for the movie soundtrack of the movie Valentines Day. Jewel has shared that the song is about "being in love and how going on a great adventure is fun, but sometimes staying home with the one you love is even better.”

Happy Valentines Day

Click to enlarge.....this Valentine’s Day card
speaks the truth.

A Valentine Proposal That Went Bad

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Charity Single: We Are The World For Haiti

The world premiere of ‘We Are The World 25 For Haiti’ aired last eveng during NBC’s coverage of the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Friday, February 12, at 7:30 p.m. ET. In case you missed it is.

Song Of The Day: Soldier Of Love By Sade

This is the band's first new material in almost ten years. Beautiful lady. Beautiful voice.

My Thoughts On The 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremony

I loved the snowboarder that jumped through the Olympic rings during the beginning of the opening ceremony.

Our Governor General, Michaelle Jean is absolutely stunning.

The athletes were carrying in their camaras to capture their moment.

108 French Atheletes......wowza

Why does Hong Kong only have 1 athlete competing?

1 Ghana it wrong that I am rooting for him?

I kept thinking the aboriginal/1st Nations dancers look like Austin Powers dancing. They must have been so tired.

Why were the Japanese athletes waving Canadian Flags?

51 year old Mexican skier.......Awesome.

Nepalese have a non-rectangular flag.

Lots of Americans in the crowd.

We are 216 athletes strong.........Go Canada.

Bryan Adams & Nelly Furtado looked like they were dressed for the prom.

Brooke believed the special effects made it look like the people in Canada are a bunch of wizards

Garths quote...."Am I watching The Olympics or Dances With Wolves."

Batman is playing the fiddle in a floating canoe. And doing riverdance. Garth thinks it looks like Uncle Jimmy is performing.

I kept hoping they would bring out Joe, the I Am Canadian guy.

KD Lang is awesome.

Anne Murray & Bobby Orr looks great.

I loved watching people run with Wayne Gretzky.

Fill In The Brackets

1. My blueprint for success includes (my family.)

2. (Werthers) were the last candy I ate.

3. The best facial moisturizer I've ever used is (Vichy.)

4. (Exercise) can be good therapy.

5. I'd like to tell you about (some of my favorite movies and books.)

6. You can't stop (all the unkindness in the world but it would be nice)

7. (How to play the piano) is something I wish I knew.

8. (Happiness) is the true elixir of life!

9. The last meal I had at a restaurant...... (Fish & Chips from Wimpys)

10. (Liver) something I intensely dislike.

11. The full moon ........(reeks havoc on the calmness I strive for during a nightshift)

12. Sometimes it's best to ........(say nothing at all.)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Song Of The Day: Sweet Disposition By Temper Trap

I like the pulsating rhythm of this song.....very 80's.
What a cool Michael Jackson Medley.

I Am Getting So Pumped......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Top Secret" Drum Corps

My father sent me another internet gem. You may have seen and heard a “drum line” before but I assure you that you have never seen one like this one. Watch the entire video because it gets progressively better throughout including the climatic ending.

Song Of The Day: The Cave By Mumford & Son

Mumford & Sons are an English folk rock band from London. They are rising out of London's folk scene with other artists such as Laura Marling whom they have often supported at concerts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Song Of The Day: Idaho By Nerina Pallot

Nerina Pallot is a British singer and songwriter who was born in London but brought up in Jersey to a half-French father and mother born in Allahabad, India.
I love the lyrics to this song about her journey......."I'm sick of you all, and I'm sick of opinions, I'm sick of this war that I wage on myself."

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Song Of The Day: Could You Be The One By The Stereophonics

What a sweet tune. I like the banjo playing in the background.

My Thoughts On Season Premiere Of Lost

The season premiere title, "LA X" may imply this is the 10 version of the Los Angeles landing.

Desmond had a wedding ring on.

Where did Desmond go after Jack got up to save Charlie?

Bernard and Rose are the example of "idyllic love" according to the enhanced version of last year's season finale. They are, clearly, black and white... a theme of mirror images. What if we are looking at universes that are mirror images of each other. One where Hurley is the "luckiest guy on earth," the other where he's cursed. Hmmmm.

I keep thinking about Sayid’s words before he lost consciousness: “When I die, what’s going to happen to me? I’ve tortured … murdered. Where I’m going is not going to be very pleasant.”

Kate finds both Sawyer and Jack after the time jump and rushes to Jack. There must be some significance to that.

The finale will be Sunday, May 23rd.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Song Of The Day: Everybody Hurts By Various Artists For Haiti

This song was released on Super Bowl XLIV Sunday 2010. It features some of the biggest names in UK and American music scene as they joined forces to record a cover of the REM classic "Everybody Hurts." Money is being raised for charities supporting the relief efforts in Haiti. The final lineup of artists includes Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams, Kylie, Rod Stewart, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Miley Cyrus, Take That, Susan Boyle, Joe McElderry, Cheryl Cole, JLS, Mika, Michael Bublé, James Blunt, James Morrison and Westlife. The single will split all proceeds 50/50 between DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) and The Sun newspaper's "Helping Haiti' appeal. The single will be released on February 7 (digital) and 8 (physical). Available multimedia material includes still images of the artists. Video includes Helping Haiti "Everybody Hurts" and the making of the video of "Everybody Hurts".

The Orangutan and the Hound

This is amazing.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

This Week I......

Worked out at the gym x 1.

Jogged 3 km.

Worked 4 12 hour day shifts.

Went into Toronto to visit with Garth and stayed overnight for 2 nights.

Went shopping at the Eaton Centre.

Went for dinner at
Elephant & Castle

Watched "Up".........Brilliant

Watched Celebrity Rehab and Shark Tank.......intriguing

Watched season premiere of

Began my new book talk book.

Began watching Season 5 of Nip/Tuck

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Song Of The Day: Mama Do By Pixie Lott

This sassy & soulful song tells the story of a teenage girl who is restricted by her parents from getting into a relationship with a certain boy. The girl rebels and goes out at night all the while questioning her parents' reaction to everything she is doing.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Song Of The Day: Shark In The Water By VV Brown

I like the video for this tune. VV Brown finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, so she follows him around taking pictures of him with the other girl. At the beginning of the video, she starts to record the song on a radio. The video switches between Brown walking by the side of a river, and under a bridge, to seeing her at a pub table looking at the pictures of her cheating boyfriend. It finishes with a view of her boyfriends house with a picture on his door and the radio that Brown used to record the song on the doorstep.

I May Reconsider Flying

My Dad sent me another gem that causes me great concern. Apparently carry ons are no longer allowed........I think this is a bit of overkill on the security.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Song Of The Day: Silvia By Mikke Snow

Mikke Snow are a Swedish band, who formed in 2007. The Guardian spoke highly of the band, saying Miike Snow's "coolly emotional pop suggests a-ha meets Animal Collective."

Shake Your Way To Health

Who thinks of this stuff.......I don't think I could even use it because I'd be laughing too hard to get my workout in.

Monday, February 01, 2010

This Week I......

Continued to recover from my stomach flu.

Hung out with my mother in law

Went to the gym x 1

Jogged 2.6 km

Hosted my first bookclub to discuss this book.

Met up with my parents for lunch in Hamilton to drop off Jedi for them to dogsit.

Took my kids out of school to head to Niagra Falls and spend a few days at Great Wolf Lodge.

Went shopping at the outlet malls with my daughters.

Spent an overnight at my parents.

Returned home to Bowmanville to spend some time with Garth before he heads back to Toronto.

Worked on Science Fair Proposal and Class speech with Brooke & Alley.

Song Of The Day: 20th Century Boy By T Rex

This classic tune has been covered by many artists such as Adan Ant, Chalk Circle, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Def Leppard.

Cool Bus Ad

This is the the coolest bus painting ever.